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If you conduct your business online, you probably use electronic money, stored on the accounts of some electronic payment system, in your transactions. It happens so that all people prefer to pay for various services in the Internet with varied electronic money, which has to be periodically exchanged for some other electronic money, which is convenient and profitable to cash, withdraw, transfer, spend, buy or, vice versa, sell. 

That is why the question arises: which way it is profitable to exchange one currency for another and to lose as little as possible on the exchange and commissions. Our online service will help you solve this problem.

Our Exchange Service Works round the Clock through the Holidays and Weekends!

We have gathered all kinds of electronic money together for you! You no longer need to search where to convert WMZ into UAH, to buy or sell BITCOINs, to transfer MONEYGRAM for a lower cost. All these electronic currencies can be found on our website! Now all of them are gathered on the same electronic source! Since now to withdraw currency in the Internet will be easy and convenient!

We are constantly analyzing exchange rates, so you can conduct an exchange with a maximum profit, find the best rate, and then convert one electronic currency into another one. As practice shows, people save 5 – 10 % of their money at an average, using our information.

Our system is continuously analyzing the current state of the best and most reliable currency exchanges in the Internet. Anyone can use our exchange system!

It is Really Profitable to Use our Service!

Fastness, efficiency and safety - these are our main advantages! Our exchange of electronic currencies is based on the modern software and contains all the necessary functions for handy and secure conversion of the most wide-spread kinds of electronic money. One can use different services to exchange, transfer or withdraw money, but it is the most convenient to do it using our site. Westernunion USD and Moneygram USD, RIA USD and Alfabank Ukraine UAH, PerfectMoney USD, Bitcoin BTC and BTC-E USD!

For the time of our work we have developed a reputation as a reliable business partner, and today we do our best for you to have only pleasant impression of our work. Use our system of electronic exchange and see it yourself!

But these are not all our Advantages!

The online currency exchange “Casherbox” is not only an easy and convenient service for buying, selling or withdrawing electronic currencies. This is an excellent tool for monitoring the finance market!

Surprised? But it is true. Using our service you will always be aware of current rates of various electronic currencies. We accumulate and analyze large amounts of foreign exchange rates, and present this data in a user-friendly form. Run your online business, using our data!

Basing on the data, collected by us, you can easily make your ranking of currencies and determine the best rates and the most favorable exchange directions. You can save your money with our help!

We Appreciate our Clients!

We precisely follow three principles: reliability, objectivity and efficiency. We assure that the exchange rates, which you see on our site, are completely accurate. Our system never fails!

Our company is absolutely self-sufficient and does not express the interests of any currency exchange or bank, we do not sell rating positions. We provide only authentic and unbiased information.

We are continuously updating the information. The exchange rates of all exchanges are updated at least once in 1 - 2 minutes! And this is the guarantee of credibility.

It is very easy to use our currency exchange. Choose the currencies, which you are going to sell and to buy. Our system of electronic currency exchange will deal with all the rest!