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Webmoney Exchange rate

Webmoney is one of the most popular payment system in theuro world. It is used by more than 10 million people every year. Now you can see that many online shops accept Webmoney as payment method. Webmoney payment system spreading all over the world extremely fast, every month introduces new features and applications, proposesuch new services. Also there are many changes in design and usability with every update. Starting from webmoney exchange rate and different services finishing with availability of payment in every e- shop.

Webmoney Exchange Rate

One of the main advantages of webmoney transfer system is the availability of fast and easy exchange between different currencies within one payment system.  Webmoney itself includes 7 different currencies including the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.:

1. WMZ - exchange rate in this direction is always mostly needed by users, and this kind of currency is the most used in Webmoney system.

2. WMR - equals to Russian Rouble. Mostly used by Russian shops within its territory

3. WME- exchange rate of this currency equals to 1 euro. 1 WME=1EURO

4. WMB - currency used in Belarus and equals to Belarus Rouble

5. WMK- the currency is widely used in Kazakhstan and belongs to the payment method of online shops in this country

6. WMU- ukrainian type of Webmoney currencies. Exchange rate of it is 1 WMU=1 Ukrainian Hryvna

7. WMX- the bitcoin currency within webmoney transfer system. 1000WMX = 1 BTC

Availability of many webmoney currencies within one payment system provides a great opportunity to its users. You can easily make business with this solution by implementation this methods in your website or even make a webmoney exchange website to provide exchange services to your users.

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