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Casherbox – is a convenient system developed in order to help its users to find the best currency exchange rate in the variety of online currency exchangers and to carry out beneficial exchange of electronic currencies.

Casherbox – is a beneficial exchange of electronic money!

Main benefits of our service:  

- immediate withdrawal or transfer of electronic currencies;  

- the most convenient exchange rate;  

- instant exchange of currency of one payment system for currency of another payment system (WMZ for UAH, MONEYGRAM USD for BITCOIN and vice versa);

- high reliability and effectiveness of the service.

How to prepare an application for electronic currency exchange  

Select the currency you want to sell (Webmoney USD (WMZ), UAH, Moneygram or BITCOIN, Alfabank Ukraine UAH or RIA USD) and select the currency you want to buy. Fill in all the fields indicating your details and send the application.  

If available funds are not enough for instant automatic exchange, the system will indicate the maximum amount available for this type of exchange.

If the application was prepared incorrectly (for instance, if the selected type of exchange is impossible), the system will offer to choose a different type of exchange.   

If you have never used our service or you do not understand the process of exchange, please read carefully information about operational procedure of our service as well as  the rules of application preparation. Thus, in order to exchange Webmoney WMZ or Webmoney UAH you will need WM passport not lower than formal. Electronic currency exchange shall be carried out after verification of compliance of the WMID owner data with your passport data. This kind of verification is carried out automatically and that is why it is quick and easy to transfer and withdraw funds (WMZ, WMU etc.) with the help of our service.

Go on the internet, choose the necessary type of transaction and the currency (Webmoney WMZ, UAH, Moneygram or BITCOIN, Alfabank Ukraine UAH or RIA USD), fill in the fields and our system of automatic exchange will do the rest for you!